Care Groups

This is the primary care ministry at Randolph Street Church. Every member is placed into a Care Group to ensure that all are properly cared for and served.

What are Care Groups (CGs)? CGs are small groups of Randolph Street members that are overseen by our lay elders and deacons. Each CG is assigned a deacon while lay elders oversee several CGs. Simply put, CGs ensure that every member of Randolph Street is being care for by other members. As we grow, these smaller groups become very important.

Why are CGs important? Care Groups are an important ministry for two reasons: First, Jesus could not have been clearer about the necessity of His disciples demonstrating love toward one another in John 14:23. Loving one another is key to distinguishing ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ and is the fruit of the gospel in our lives. Second, as we grow, if we do not have an organized manner for caring for our members then some will inevitably be overlooked. So, making each of our members responsible for a smaller group of other members ensures that all are cared for in this local church.

How are the CGs divided? Our elders are responsible for dividing the CGs. The criteria for distributing our membership into CGs include geography, relationships, age, etc. It is our goal to put together groups that can best serve one another.

How does a person join a CG? When a person becomes a member of Randolph Street they are placed into a CG by our elders. Membership is a covenant commitment to serve and care for one another in the context of this local church.

What are the primary responsibilities of an elder in a CG? Our lay elders primary shepherding ministry is found in our CGs. Biblically, our elders are responsible for shepherding the flock of God among us. The CGs provide an organized way for this to occur. Each lay elder is responsible for multiple groups and this is where they place their primary emphasis of shepherding.

What are the responsibilities of a deacon in a CG? Our deacons are primarily given to care ministry. This is expressed in their leadership over our CGs. Our deacons have several responsibilities among many others in their CG. First, they consistently connect with all the members of their CG to understand needs that may be present. Second, they serve as a coordinator to engage their whole CG in meeting various physical needs that arise. Third, they communicate with their elders to help them best shepherd the CG.

Why do CGs change yearly? Some could look at this as a negative but we see this as a positive. It is easy to get into a group and find a comfort zone. Our desires is for our members to care for different people in order to build more relationships. Also, as we grow, it is necessary to add new deacons which means we must reshuffle our CGs.

Can I serve others outside my CG? Absolutely. We want our membership to look at CGs as our minimal responsibility. CGs do not limit you from caring for others outside your CG. Care for as many people as you can, whenever you can as you care for CG members. Do not let MCGs hinder relationships you already have but let them expand relationships with others.

Do CGs meet regularly? At this time our CGs meet quarterly for dinners & a time of prayer with their elder & deacon. The design of these groups are not meetings but organized service.