Membership = Gospel Partnership

We believe membership is ultimately a gospel partnership.

Throughout the New Testament we find organzized groups of believers engaging in the commission given them by Jesus Christ. This is what Randolph Street is, an organized & unified group of belivers given to reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We believe membership is crucial to the health & effectiveness of a local church. 

It is a clear teaching of Scripture that Christians should be a functioning part of a local Church. Commitment to an identifiable, specific group of believers is the Biblical model. Because we are passionate about the spiritual health of our families, we challenge our attendees to commit to membership with Randolph Street Church or to quickly partner with another gospel-loving local Church. 

Church membership is not synonymous with attendance. Attendance is easy, as little is at stake if little is invested. However, membership means we make a heavy investment. In a congregation of sinful human beings the potential exists for hurt, pain and frustration; however, as we view one another through "gospel lenses," immense joy awaits as we model the gospel in our relationships and support each other as we strive to follow Christ.

For a person to partner with Randolph Street there are 4 important steps. 

#1) Class: “Starting Point” - 7 sessions led by Pastor Jason and other elders – Video Classes

Session 1: Understanding the Gospel and its Effects
Session 2: Our Mission & Vision / Our History & Values
Session 3: Ecclesiology: Church Leadership
Session 4: Ecclesiology: Church Membership
Session 5: Theological Distinctives
Session 6: Baptism
Session 7: Getting Involved

#2) Membership Form: a document to be completed and submitted to a staff pastor. 

At the end of Starting Point, class participants are invited to prayerfully consider submitting their membership commitment form. The  form confirms that the participant is in agreement with the Membership Statement of Faith. Prospective members may submit their completed form to any staff pastor.

#3) Interview: Meeting with one of our lay elders, usually on a Sunday.

Our elders are charged to shepherd and oversee our faith family. Before one becomes a member, our elders will take time to get to know the prospective member. Also, this allows the prospective member to get to know the elders and provides a time when the elders can have special prayer for the prospective member.

#4) Membership Affirmation Sunday:

New members join the elders at the auditorium front as everyone stands to read (from the screen) the Church covenant (taken from Article 2 of the Church Constitution).This service normally takes place during a designated Sunday morning worship gathering after a sufficient announcement period.