One Church. Two Congregations.

In 2007 Randolph Street was at a crossroads with a decision to either close her doors or replant. The decision was made to replant and since that time, God has taken this local church of 30 people to a vibrant, healthy church of over 300 people. 

As growth has continued our elders have remained committed to keeping a gopsel witness in the city, specifically on the West Side of Charleston. This was a decision we knew would create difficulties if God continued to add to us. Logisitcally speaking, moving outside the city would have relieved the space and parking issues we now face. 

In 2013 we maximized our space on the West Side by adding a new auditiorium which seats over 400 people. Coinciding with our opening of this new auditorium in January 2013, a local church from the Teays Valley area, Grace Fellowship, decided to merge into Randolph Street and join us in our multiplying effort. 

God has continued to grow our church from two distinct geographical areas: Charleston and Teays Valley. Recognizing the limitations of our Charleston campus, our desire to stay in the city and our unwillingness to incur significant debt, the elders of RS chose to implement a strategy of meeting in multiple locations on Sunday mornings. This strategy allows us to continue growing as one local church, under one eldership and bound together by one theology and multiplying vision. 

Our elders are committed to this being a local stategy only, as we believe it is important for us to still meet together regularly as as whole. With this in mind, we set aside several Sundays each year to gather together in order to celebrate the sacraments and worship through singing and the preaching of the Word. 

Below you will find some information to better help you understand this strategy: 

Both congregations are served by one eldership and diaconate that consists of elders and deacons from each congregation. All of our elders meet together regularly.

Both congregations are served by a preaching team. This preaching team consists of several staff pastors and is led by our lead pastor. We do not use video to replace the live event of preaching. We believe the preaching event is most healthy when a pastor stands before people he knows, opens the Word of God and seeks to shepherd them in the moment. 

Both congregations are committed to a multiplying vision for our region and the nations. We embrace this local strategy in order to plant churches regionally and globally.