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Randolph Street exists to bring glory to God by making disciples through gospel-centered worship, community, service and multiplication. Central to this mission is our Gathering and After-Gathering each Sunday morning. Our hearts are bound together as we worship our great God through the reading and proclamation of the Scriptures, and through singing, confessing our faith and fellowship. We recognize that God has ordained the church, as a gospel-centered community, to be the primary context for discipleship. With this in mind, it is our desire to develop an effective small group ministry that will help Randolph Street live out gospel-centered community.

Small Groups (SG) Ministry

The purpose of our small group ministry is to give a format for families and individuals to meet during the week for fellowship, care, prayer, accountability, and the study of God’s Word. It is our aim to have groups that will fit every person’s schedule, and groups that will help each person grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord. With this in mind, it is our goal to provide two types of small groups to serve the needs of Randolph Street.

Long-term Small Groups (LTSG)

These small groups will resemble the traditional small group ministry. LTSG will form based on relationships, geography, etc. and will meet in someone’s home or at one of our campus locations. LTSG are designed to help our folks develop strong, meaningful and ongoing relationships that will edify and encourage one another in the faith. These relationships allow us to understand and engage in the genuine burdens and battles that our brothers and sisters face, and will speak truth into one another’s lives.

Short-term Small Groups (STSG)

STSG are focussed on specific needs, gender groups, age groups, etc. These groups typically meet for a specified period of time. An example might be a small group of men meeting to work through a specific theological topic, or a group of young moms meeting for 8-12 weeks to work through a book on parenting toddlers. In the future, as a part of our STSG, we will develop Recovery Groups. These groups will focus on a particular issue with assigned curriculum to promote recovery and healing. Examples of Recovery Groups will include sessions to help those struggling with grief, various addictions (pornography, drug, alcohol), caring for a family member with Alzheimers, etc.

Small Groups & Care Groups

Our Small Group ministry will not replace our Care Group effort. Care Groups are not designed to produce what we are aiming for with the Small Group ministry. Care Groups are structured to ensure that every member of Randolph Street is cared for. We believe Small Groups will strengthen our Care Group ministry by providing another layer of care and ministry.

Small Group Ministry Information

General Information:

  1. The Small Group ministry is part of RSC and is under the care of the elders. Our elders want to support and help each of our members find meaningful connections within the body of Christ.
  2. A leader of any small group must be a faithful member of RSC and have an understanding of the vision of the church and work in conjunction with that vision to ensure the unity of our body.
  3. Each leader & host must complete the information form that can be accessed on our website @ under the tab Get Connected. Please check with Pastor Jeremy if you need help with this.
  4. Training will be provided for Leaders and Hosts. We will meet at the Charleston campus Sunday, April 26th at 5:00PM.

Long-term Small Groups Details

  • LTSG will meet 2-3x per month in homes or at one of our campuses. We ask each SG to be aware of our church calendar so that SG does not conflict with scheduled gatherings (1st Wednesday meal, Academy weekends, etc.).
  • Each LTSG will need a host and a leader.
  1. The hosts will be responsible for opening their home for the small group meeting. They will also be responsible for refreshments and are encouraged to solicit help from other families to provide the refreshments. Each LTSG is encouraged to have at least two host families.
  2. The leaders will be responsible for giving overall direction to the meeting and the Bible Study and discussion. They will also be responsible for establishing and communicating the schedule to their group.
  3. A husband and wife could serve as a leader and host.
  4. Leaders and hosts must complete the small group registration form on our website.
  • Basic format: Most LTSG should meet for about 1.5 hours 2-3 times per month. There can be flexibility based on the needs and schedules of the group. Each meeting should consist of the following:
  1. Fellowship & Sharing
  2. Bible Study [Sermon review; book studies; topical studies]
  3. Prayer
  4. Fellowship & Refreshments
  5. Child care - TBD by each group

Short-term Small Group Details

  1. STSG may choose to meet weekly or every other week for the duration of the study. We ask each SG to be aware of our church calendar so that SG does not conflict with scheduled gatherings (1st Wednesday meal, Academy weekends, etc.).
  2. Once a topic is chosen, the leader of each STSG should submit a small group information form via the RSC website to Pastor Tim with the suggested topic, materials to be used, and the meeting time and place for the group.
  3. These focus groups may utilize the Training Hour as a time to meet. This must be done in coordination with Pastor Tim to assure adequate meeting space.

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up. . .” These words of Scripture should call us to actively pursue opportunities to engage with our brothers and sisters at RSC. We want to encourage each of you to be part of our Small Group ministry. Please be praying for God’s direction in this matter and be looking for a SG to partner with for the Praise of His Glory.