The 321 Project

What is the 321 Project? The 321 Project summarizes the central passion of our church, to begin and sustain a multiplying gospel effort in this region that will have global impact for the sake of the gospel. It is our desire to raise up local Churches that are theologically God-centered, gospel-saturated and characterized by expository preaching that are bent on reaching the nations.

Why 321? This project is named after Paul’s doxology in Ephesians 3:21. Few texts summarize our aim as this text: “To Him be the glory in the Church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen.” Our passion is that God would cause His glory & supremacy to echo through these mountains and valleys once again.

How are funds given to the 321 project spent? The long-term goal of this project is to undergird the multiplication of local Churches throughout this region. However, the short-term reality is that we need to put ourselves in a healthy situation in order to reproduce. This requires attention toward a healthy central Charleston congregation, efforts in training our men and families through our Academy, etc. All funds will go toward these efforts.

Current 321 Funding Goals: In 2011 our membership gave $119,054 to special project giving (321 & debt retirement). This giving was “above and beyond” regular giving efforts. In 2012 we have again set up two special project giving opportunities. Both of these goals will fall under our 321 vision as they are intimately connected to our gospel multiplying vision.

Charleston Expansion Project: A major part of our 321 Project is a healthy, central congregation that is able to birth and sustain a multiplying gospel movement. We believe Charleston is the ideal spot for this “mother” congregation for this region. To begin and sustain this movement we believe the central congregation should be at least 350 people before we multiply. This goal necessitates we expand our seating capabilities at our Charleston campus. We are asking our membership to give $75,000 to this effort in 2012. These funds will allow us to reduce the amount of debt we would incur in expanding our seating.

1st Multiplication Effort: It is our desire to likewise prepare for our first multiplication effort in our region. Our 2012 goal to add $40,000 to the current 40k in this fund. When the time comes for us to multiply we want to be ready on a number of levels: trained leaders (see our Academy page), prepared team and financial resources. It would be a blessing to have $80k by the end of 2012 in a fund geared toward our 1st multiplication effort.

How can I give to the 321 Project? You can give to the 321 Project in a variety of ways. However, it is important that your giving to this project goes above and beyond your normal, weekly giving. Your weekly giving takes care of the everyday expenses. Below are some ways you can give to the 321 Project:
Weekly Offerings: You can give toward the 321 Project any week in the regular weekly offering. Please clearly mark “321 Project” in the memo section of your check.

Special Offerings: We will take up a special offering a couple of times each year to strengthen this fund.
Online: Please check the appropriate box to identify this as “321 Project” giving.
Assets: You can also donate assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, etc.

Beyond giving, how else can I contribute? 

Pray.Let us ask God to move in our day for His glory! Why not? He “is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think” to raise up a gospel movement for His glory. Invite.

Don’t be shy about inviting unbelievers to our gathering. It seems Paul expected them to visit the gatherings of the church in Corinth (1 Cor 14:23-25). Our goal in inviting others to attend is simple...gospel not growth. I cannot explain what happens here on Sunday morning other than the dramatic affects of the gospel upon us. Invite others to come and hear and see the gospel.

Be the Church. Let’s be a healthy church because that is exactly what we desire to reproduce. Dreaming about what God might do is great. But let’s not allow our dreams to create a passivity in our spirit. Let’s be faithful and be a church to the praise of His glory.